KeepTraK Support and Self-Help Page

KeepTraK Support Options and Overview:

KeepTraK offers several different levels of product support for the KeepTraK Software program, in both free and paid services, depending on your specific needs. These options range from the built-in help to in-person online and/or telephone support services. If you are in need of on-site support services, please contact us directly using any of the options listed on our Contact Page. Otherwise, please feel free to choose from one of the support options listed below.

KeepTrak Support Services

The KeepTraK Help System:

The KeepTraK program has built-in help files to tell users everything they need to know about using the program, directly from the program itself.  The help files are accessed from the Help button on the Main Screen of the KeepTraK program. The help files are easy to understand and provide step-by-step guide for how to perform most of the functionality built into the KeepTraK software. Additionally, KeepTraK provides a series of videos, available for viewing from this website or YouTube, that show how to most of the functionality found within the KeepTraK program. You can find those help videos on the Tutorials Page of this website.

We highly recommend you begin with the 'Getting Started' help file and then work your way down the topics from top to bottom.  You can probably browse through most topics within 15 minutes to have a good grasp of how KeepTraK software works and how it can benefit you.  These help files are chalk full of information and screenshots that will help you get up and running on the KeepTraK software very quickly and easily!

KeepTrak Program Help System Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

The KeepTraK FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page provides answers to most of the common questions about the KeepTrak Program and the services we provide. You can find answers to these questions on the FAQ Page of this website.

The KeepTrak Frequently Asked Questions Page

Request a FREE 90-Day Trial of the KeepTraK Software

Request a 90-Day Free Trial

Use the KeepTraK program for 90 days 100% FOR FREE to schedule preventive maintenance tasks, log work requests and work completed, create and print work requests and purchase orders, and store your parts and inventory information and link it to your specific equipment.  Customizing the KeepTraK database for your specific business facilities, fleets, equipment, and parts only takes a few minutes.  And KeepTraK is so easy to use, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!

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Track all of your Facility Maintenance in one place with the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance System.


Using KeepTraK, you'll never forget to service another piece of equipment or machinery again!


Tracking your entire Parts Inventory is a snap using the KeepTraK Inventory Tools.