How to Order KeepTraK 2020

KeepTraK Version 2020 is now available!

KeepTraK 2020 is now in production and available for purchase or upgrade. KeepTraK 2020 is the most advanced version of the KeepTraK program ever created. KeepTraK 2020 is a complete redesign of large parts of the KeepTraK program and contains:

  • Tons of new features and existing feature enhancements,
  • Better integration between modules,
  • New and improved analytics, calculations, and reporting,
  • Better performance, less wait times,
  • Piles of bug fixes,
  • And so much more!

Complete the following steps to order or upgrade your copy to KeepTraK 2020 today!

KeepTraK 2020

1. Decide which KeepTraK modules you want:

Module Description
Free Trial (All Modules) A complete and fully functioning version of KeepTraK for you to use and test. Once the trial is over, you can choose whichever modules and options you would like to keep, and which ones you do not need. Call for more information about the trial version of KeepTraK.
KeepTraK Base Program (KT) The KeepTraK base program is the backbone of the KeepTraK suite of tools and it includes the KeepTraK Contacts module, the KeepTraK Equipment Catalog module, the Equipment Information module, the People and Resources module, and the KeepTraK Administration module. For more information about the features of the KeepTraK program, see our KeepTraK Features page.
Preventive Maintenance (PM) The KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance module is the crown jewel of the KeepTraK Program. The Preventive Maintenance module helps you track and audit business maintenance tasks from end-to-end. Maintenance and recurring tasks can be scheduled as Calendar dates, Hours, Miles, or Cycles. For more information about the Preventive Maintenance module, see our KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance page.
Logs and Requests (LG) The KeepTraK Logs and Requests module is one of the cornerstones of the KeepTraK Program. The Logs and Requests module create, track, and audit Logs, Work Orders, Purchase Orders, and much more. For more information about Logs and Requests module, see our KeepTraK Logs and Requests page.
Parts Inventory (PI) The KeepTraK Parts Inventory module is the final pillar of the KeepTraK Program. The Parts Inventory module allows the use to create, track, and audit the costs of business parts used for tasks within KeepTraK. For more information about Logs and Requests module, see our Parts Inventory page.
3 Computers (MC3) If you want to install KeepTraK on more than one computer and have them share the same database, you must purchase the Multiple Computers module. The MC3 module allows the user to run the KeepTraK program, and all its modules, on up to 3 computers while sharing the same database.
Unlimited Computers (MC) If you want to install KeepTraK on an unlimited number of computers, you must purchase the full Multiple Computers module. Also, if you want to have the multiple Users for the KeepTraK program, you must also purchase this module in addition to the Users and Permissions module, in additional the Multiple Computers module.
Users and Permissions (UP) If you want to have Multiple User Accounts for KeepTraK, you must purchase the Users and Permissions module. The Users and Permissions module allows you to install KeepTraK to an unlimited number of machines and create an unlimited number of KeepTraK accounts for your users. All users share the same database in this usage scenario. Requires the purchase of the full Multiple Computers module, in addition to this module.
KeepTraK Support Package (SP) KeepTraK now offers full-service support over the phone and via screensharing. KeepTraK offers several different support packages to meet the needs of customers who need on call support for their employees. Call us today for more information about our various support packages and to discuss your businesses KeepTraK support needs.

2. Determine the cost:

Module New License Upgrade*
Free Trial $0.00 N/A
KeepTraK Base Program - KT $0.00 $0.00
KeepTraK + Preventive Maintenance - KT + PM $300.00 $150.00
KeepTraK + Logs and Requests - KT + LG $300.00 $150.00
KeepTraK + Parts Inventory - KT + PI $300.00 $150.00
KeepTraK + All Modules - KT + PM + LG + PI $900.00 $450.00
KeepTraK + All Modules + 3 Computers - KT + PM + LG + PI + MC3 $1,700.00 $750.00
KeepTraK + All Modules + Unlimited Computers - KT + PM + LG + PI + MC $2,700.00 $1,250.00
KeepTraK + All Modules + Users and Permissions - KT + PM + LG + PI + MC + UP $3,100.00 $1,550.00

3. Place your order:

  1. Order by Postal Mail: 
    KeepTraK Corporation
    411 Walnut Street #10713
    Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
  2. Order by Email:
  3. Order by Phone:  303-421-7150


Ordering, Terms and Shipping Information

  1. Purchase Orders MUST include contact name, phone number, email address, billing address, and ship to addresses.
  2. Purchase Orders CANNOT include terms or conditions other than those supplied by KeepTraK.
  3. All invoice terms will be Net 30.
  4. Shipped on CD-ROM media.
  5. No Registration, Subscription, or yearly renewal fees.
  6. * Upgrade prices only apply to upgrades from previous version.