Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about KeepTraK

How do I get a trial version of KeepTraK software?

Fill out the FREE trial form on this website.  A KeepTraK representative will contact you by phone to answer any questions you might have and help determine which modules you need or are interested in trying out.  We’ll even help you install the program onto your computer.

How do I install the trial version of KeepTraK software?

We can set up a time to walk through the installation with you, it takes about 20 minutes or so with one of our skilled representatives.  Our representative will use LogMeIn to make a temporary link to your computer, download and setup the KeepTraK software on your computer, and then show you right on your screen how to use the program.  If you are located within the United States, we can also sends a hard copy of the software on CD via postal mail, if preferred.

If I decide to buy, what happens to all the data I entered during the trial?

The trial software is the actual full program, and provides the ability to try all of the features of the KeepTraK system. If you decide to purchase the program, we simply give you a license code that removes the trial period block and grants full and unlimited use of the KeepTraK software.

If my trial expires, will I lose my data?

No – All data remains intact after the trial period ends.  If you need more trial time, we can also extend the trial for you, to give you more time to try the system and see how well it works for your business.  If you decide to purchase the full system at a later time, long after the trial period has expired, all data entered during the trial period will still remain in the database.  In short, we always KeepTrak of your data!

How do I try or buy additional modules?

Simply contact KeepTraK and we can help you with the upgrade process, which we have made very easy to do!  KeepTraK will provide you with a code to unlock the additional module(s) you are interested in purchasing.  Once the code is entered, the KeepTraK software is updated instantly and the new module(s) will be ready for use.

What if I need a report I do not see?

Contact KeepTraK and we can help you find the right report or build a custom report for you, if we don’t have it already.  In most cases, our existing reports will have the information needed, but if we don’t have it already, KeepTraK can develop custom reports for you, exactly as you need them.  Contact KeepTraK software directly for more information about custom reports.

If I have an older version of KeepTraK software can I use the new program?

Yes, but you will need to contact KeepTraK for the specific upgrade process from your current version of the software.  One of our skilled representatives will help you import all of your old data into the latest version of the KeepTraK database and update your software version to the most current version of the KeepTraK system.  And upgrading is cheaper than purchasing a new copy of the KeepTraK software.

Is there In-Person Support for KeepTrak?

Yes, KeepTrak offers several different options of self-help or in-person support. Please see the KeepTrak Support page on this website.

What are the KeepTrak System Requirements?

Required: A PC running Microsoft Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, or 10, and 250 MB free space on your hard drive. Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019 are also supported.
Recommended: A PC with a 2.0+ Ghz Quad-core, 8GB+ Ram, 3GB+ free space on an SSD hard drive, running Windows 10.

Does KeepTrak work on 64-bit Computers?

Yes, starting in KeepTrak 2020, support has been added for running on 64-Bit versions of Windows. All previous versions of KeepTrak DO NOT work on 64-bit computers, and require a 32-bit version of Windows.

Can I run KeepTraK run on multiple computers and use the same database?

Yes, KeepTrak offers several different options for running on multiple computers across a network, using the same database. Please see the KeepTrak Order page on this website to learn more about the different options available for the KeepTraK Program.

Request a FREE 90-Day Trial of the KeepTraK Software

Request a 90-Day Free Trial

Use the KeepTraK program for 90 days 100% FOR FREE to schedule preventive maintenance tasks, log work requests and work completed, create and print work requests and purchase orders, and store your parts and inventory information and link it to your specific equipment.  Customizing the KeepTraK database for your specific business facilities, fleets, equipment, and parts only takes a few minutes.  And KeepTraK is so easy to use, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!

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Track all of your Facility Maintenance in one place with the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance System.


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