About KeepTraK Preventative Maintenance Software

Why Use Preventive Maintenance Software?

Saves time. Maintenance procedures performed proactively rather than reactively are done quicker, better, and at less cost than managing by FAILURE!

Comply with regulatory requirements such as OSHA, USDA, FDA, EPA, ISO 9000, etc.

Saves Money - Properly maintained equipment cost less to operate.

Reduce labor, parts and overtime costs.

Return on Investment (ROI) in months, not years!

The real cost is not having CMMS software.  For example, wouldn't you change the oil in your car for $50 to save yourself from spending thousands for a new engine.

Planning and Scheduling. Is it always one crisis or emergency after another?

You cannot afford the cost of NOT having KeepTraK Facilities and Equipment Maintenance with Parts Inventory software.

The return on your investment should be in months not years. One missed task could lead to a breakdown costing many times that of the software. Not to mention overtime, downtime, replacement etc.

Reduced maintenance and operating costs that come right off the bottom line.

Why KeepTraK For Preventive Maintenance?

Reduces Bottom Line Costs. KeepTrak will improve your maintenance productivity and will SAVE you time and money.

Longevity.  Over 40 years in business - there are few competitors that have been in business as long as we have.  Our software is time tested and proven to work for business maintenance.

Microsoft Office Technology.  KeepTraK Software is build in, and designed for, Microsoft Office - the industry leader in Business Productivity software.

Cost Effective. Buy only the modules you need, no annual subscription required!

Free Setup.  We'll get you up and running the same day.  Why spend a week going through the learning curve of other programs, when we can have you up in an hour or less?

Easy to Use.  Most CMMS software is designed to appeal to upper management. KeeptTraK software is designed with the user in mind and is hyper focused on Ease-of-Use.

Quick and Easy. 3 minutes a day to reveiw and print your recurring tasks and work orders, saving hours of having to manually make up work orders.

Made in the USA.  100% made in the USA by American workers.  We provide our own customer service in-house. Nothing at KeepTraK is outsourced to other countries, we do it all!

24/7 Support.  KeepTrak provides 24-hour support for customers who work night and weekend shifts, or that are located outside of the USA, like Australia or the United Kingdom.

KeepTraK Compliance with Preventive Maintenance Standards:

  • ISO9000 and ISO9001 preventive maintenance and compliance standards reporting software (ISO 9000 Standards):

    Manufacturers and manufacturing companies find that the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance software makes it easy to adhere to the ISO9000 and ISO9001 standards for Quality Management and Reporting Processes.  Why spend hours each month preparing for ISO compliant data tracking and maintenance reporting for equipment inspections when the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance program can do the job in a few minutes.  The KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance database software provides the ability to schedule, track, and report on all equipment and facilities maintenance, making ISO compliance a breeze.

  • Joint Commission: Accreditation, Health Care, Certification (JCAHO):

    KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance software can help your organization achieve and maintain JCAHO accreditation.  The KeepTraK program empowers your employees to create reports compliant with Joint Commission standards with a few easy clicks.  The KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Program is 100% compliant with JCAHO standards and is suitable for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other Care Facilities that need to follow the JCAHO standards.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Agencies:

    Compliance with other regulatory agencies is easier with KeepTraK software for Facilities and Equipment Maintenance.  OSHA, EPA, and AIB (American Institute of Bakeries) are just a few of the regulatory agencies that use KeepTraK Software.

  • Other Applications for KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software:

    - Factories, Factory Maintenance software, Manufacturing and Manufacturing Maintenance and Manufacturing Preventive Maintenance software.

    - Facility Work Order software, Facility Equipment Preventive Maintenance software.

    - CMMS, EAM software for Preventive Maintenance with work request, work orders and parts inventory software.

    - Apartment Management maintenance software, Condominium Associations, Office buildings, Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Ski Resorts all benefit from KeepTraK software for facility and equipment maintenance with parts inventory.Task scheduling, corrective maintenance and breakdown maintenance for Governments, Cities, Water treatment plants.

    - Utilities, Military bases and installations also use KeepTraK planning software for equipment and facility maintenance.

Last edited Feb 22, 2016