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Preventive Maintenance

PM stands for Preventive Maintenance.  This section of the program is where you will enter routines you wish to do on a periodic basis.  This could be on a time schedule such as weeks, months or years, or, could be based on hours, miles or cycles.

PM Routines also called SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) add to the lifespan and productivity of assets and equipment thereby saving you money

Preventive Maintenance - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Work Logs - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Work Orders and Logs

Maintenance Requests and Logs are like Work Orders with several enhancements.  KeepTraK maintenance software allows you to store, retrieve, edit, update, categorize, get reports and keep records with logs.  And although PMs are designed for routine work you will do over and over, Logs are for one time and sporadic items that so often appear.  For instance a water heater breaks down and need repair.  You can set sixteen different status flags can be applied to a Log, such as "ASAP Order Parts”, “Completed”, or “Urgent”, so that you can quickly determine how the Log should be processed.

You can also quickly and easily create work requests, which are called “Work Orders”.  Work orders become part of the permanent work history for each item and your whole facility.  You can update and append work request as well as change status and urgency, to KeepTraK of what is going on in the workplace.  You have the ability to: Store what the issue is, what was done by who, what parts were used, as well as costs and labor.

Parts Inventory

Parts Inventory allows you to KeepTraK of the parts needed for the various machines and equipment stored in the system. Each part can be assigned to any piece of equipment tracked in the Equipment module. You can search for indivudal parts within the system, or even print lists of parts for specific pieces of equipment. Purchase order for parts can be generated with just a few mouse clicks and each purchase order created by the system is tracked within the system, so you always know when the last set of parts was ordered. The Parts Inventory module is you end-to-end solutions for finding, tracking, and ordering parts for your facility's equiptment!

KeepTraK PART Part Info Sheet
Equipment Tracking - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Equipment Information

Equipment Information allows you to easily store in one location all pertinent information about selected pieces of equipment in one easy to find location.  This information can then easily be viewed and printed as needed.  You can also search to find equipment quickly and easily using the reports and find buttons.

Maintenance Catalog

The Catalog is the heart of KeepTraK software.  This is where you will begin to build your database. It is simply an outline / listing of your company, the buildings, equipment, and items you want to keep track of in the program. This organizational outline of your company will allow you to select from dropdown lists rather than continually retyping data.  The Catalog also aids you by grouping equipment and items for later reporting.  Even if you do not purchase KeepTraK software for your Facilities and Equipment maintenance the Catalog is yours to keep for FREE and will work indefinitely. The catalog can also be used to identify work items like Fire Safety, OSHA etc.

KeepTraK Catalog - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Executive Summary and Calendar - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Executive Summary

At KeepTraK Corporation, we always listen to our customers and we built the software you wanted!  We had recently been hearing requests for a way to oversee all of the main information about your facilities and equipment maintenance in one easy to view location. So now in response to customer feedback and suggestions and new in 2014, KeepTrak has added a free Executive Summary (Calendar View) to the program.

The new Executive Summary Dashboard allows you to view your scheduled maintenance timeline in a handy calendar format. The Calendar View shows all of your maintenance items in one centralized location.  It allows you to view your past work that hasn’t been completed, the current maintenance items that still need to be completed, and future maintenance items that will be due.  The Calendar View is a powerful tool to help you understand the maintenance required for your organization on a month by month basis!

People and Resources

The People and Resources module is a free module that is included with all versions of the KeepTraK software.  The People and Resources module provides the ability to manage and track people, organizations, and various other business resources in one central location within the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance software.  This is the location where you will specify a list of users as “People” in the system that will create work, enter data, and doing the work of the maintenance itself.  This software module also provides the ability to track other companies as resources, such as businesses, vendors, or contractors that you enlist to do work on your systems or provide other support to your business.  And the People and Resources module provides the ability to create printable reports for all of the various people and resource data stored in the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software.

People and Resources - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software
Userse and Permissions Software Module

User Permissions

The Users and Permissions is an optional module that can be purchased from KeepTraK.  This module when turned on, each time the program is started a screen pops up asking for the User Name and password of the person opening the program.  You can assign different permissions and restrictions for each user in the program.  For example, you could allow one user to be an “Administrator” when they logon.  An Administrator has all permissions in the program with no restrictions.  Another person could be classified a “User” and they will have the permissions and restrictions you determine.  For example, you can set a “User” account to only have permission to make “Work Orders” and nothing else.  This module will be especially useful for companies having multiple computers.

Multi-User Environment

Multi-User and Data Location is an optional module that can be purchased from KeepTraK.  This module allows you to move the data (BE – Backend) to another location.  Usually this is located on a server.  The KeepTraK program (FE – Frontend) can be installed on multiple computers all linked to the same BE.  This allows different users to be on the same program simultaneously and different computers.  When this module is activated, you can also move KeepTraK data file from the “C:\keeptrak” folder to another location.  This is also referred to as a network version.

KeepTrak System Multi-User Environment

Powerful Help System

KeepTraK has built in help files for your ease of use right in the program.  They are accessed from the button on the Main Screen of KeepTraK software.  The help files are easy to use and show step-by-step how to do most of the functions built into the KeepTraK software.

We recommend you begin with getting started and then work your way down the topics from top to bottom.  You can probably browse through most topics within a half hour to have a good grasp of how KeepTraK software works and how it can benefit you.  These help files are chalk full of information and screenshots that will help you get up and running on the KeepTraK software very quickly and easily!

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