Help Files Module (Free)

KeepTraK has built in help files for your ease of use right in the program.  They are accessed from the button on the Main Screen of KeepTraK software.

The help files are easy to use and show step by step how to do many of the functions to use KeepTraK software.

The main screen is where you select the module you would like to get help with.

We recommend you begin with getting started and then work your way down the topics from top to bottom.  You can probably brows through most topics within a half hour to have a good grasp of how KeepTraK software works and how it can benefit you.

The help files are full of information and screenshots that will help you use KeepTraK software.

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Use the KeepTraK program for 30 days for FREE to schedule PM, log a problem, print service requests and find parts. Instantly customize your own departments, equipment and parts. Very powerful, yet easy to set up and use.

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Track all of your Facility Maintenance in one place with the KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance System.


Using KeepTraK, you’ll never forget to service another piece of equipment or machinery again!


Tracking your entire Parts Inventory is a snap using the KeepTraK Inventory Tools.