Maintenance Tasks Executive Summary / Calendar View (Free)

We built the software you wanted!  At KeepTraK Corporation, we always listen to our customers. We had recently been hearing requests for a way to oversee all of the main information about your facilities and equipment maintenance in one easy to view location. So now in response to customer feedback and suggestions and new in 2014, KeepTrak has added a free Executive Summary (Calendar View) to the program.

The new Executive Summary Dashboard allows you to view your scheduled maintenance timeline in a handy calendar format. The Calendar View shows all of your maintenance items in one centralized location.  It allows you to view your past work that hasn’t been completed, the current maintenance items that still need to be completed, and future maintenance items that will be due.  The Calendar View is a powerful tool to help you understand the maintenance required for your organization on a month by month basis!

Calendar view of Preventive Maintenance:

    • Move about the calendar to find the months PMs that either are, or, will be due on that date.
    • If there is a number in the date that shows you how many PMs become do on that date
    • Click on the number to view a summary report of those PMs.

PM Overview (Preventive Maintenance):

    • See how many PMs are currently in need of attention
    • Also broken down by status.
    • Click on the number to view a summary report of those PMs.

Logs Overview (Maintenance Requests and Logs):

    • See how many Logs are currently in need of attention
    • Also broke down by status, also, separately list Safety and Urgent Safety
    • Click on the number to view a summary report of those Logs.

Parts Inventory Overview:

    • See how many Parts are currently in need of ordering.
    • Parts on order
    • Parts on Backorder
    • Number of Purchase Orders that are open.
Executive Summary and Calendar - KeepTraK Preventive Maintenance Software

Dashboard refreshes every 2 minutes to show the most recent data entries throughout the KeepTraK network.

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